Saturday, July 25, 2009

You Are My New Housemate

Meet FARAH my housemate

Family trip to Indonesia 29 May 09 - 10 jun 09

Monas Jakarta


Britsh International Sc Family day's

History Lubang buaya

Rumah Mode, haeven shopping weh :)

Nasi Padangs

My sibling

My Big Family

satu family pergi ke indon. went to jakarta & bandung. 1st time gi sne. so tmakbul la impian mama nk g indon, stelah dok melayan cite2 indon beberapa taun neh. nk2 plak cite 'intan' kt astro prima. every nite xpnah miss lalalala.:B Papa plak tpaksa la tgk sbb kt living room ade 1 je tv. nk tgk cite lain kne la g tgk kt bilik or kitchen. Eleh, erm,berbalik pd cite g sne. INDONESIA sgt2 heaven la(versi dunia je! sbb currency murah,mmg la xingat dunia nk shopping! seriously. abis aritu nearly 3million (rupiah la) each. convert duit m'sia nearly 1000++ la sorg (for anak2 je la). ibubapa lebih kot!the food? ok la. xbyk beza ngan kt sni (name pun negara serumpun!) mkn nasik gak. the differences, they have tonnes of varieties (sunda la,padang la) mcm2 la.if kne choose between bandung ngan jakarta, i PREFER BANDUNG. gosh,miss bandung la!the weather kt sne sjuk sgt (dkt volcano), the warm welcome from the citizen. supir (drebar) kteorg muke cam beego! tp da kawin. kteorg pggl dia yayan. actually papa pun lyn gak cite tuh. hahhaa
cant wait for the next trip! :B :B

Friday, July 17, 2009


Hello Stalkers.

Im FarHana SaleHuddin,
totally NOT made up from the shiny plastics.
I dont wear heels nor put much makeups on my face.
I dont do alcohols and ciggarettes either.
I've created Myspace not for your entertainment or to please you here.
Told you, Im monotonous and curse you a lot.

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Thank You.
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